Crowning  Point  Farm 
961 Russell Cave Road
Paris, Kentucky  40361

Julie Rini

Located on 97 acres in the heart of the bluegrass, which is home to famous horse farms: Stonerside, Claiborne, Stone and Adena Springs.


Foaling Barn

We built our foaling barn directly behind our house and put an apartment for broodmare manager Dixie Gray above the foaling barn. This allows us all to get there quick when the night watchman calls.

All stalls in the foaling barn are equipped with cameras feeding into main house, apartment above and night-watchman's station for around the clock surveillance with as little possible interruption to the mares.

We also use the foal alert system.


Our foaling stalls are extra large, well lit and ventilated.

Broodmare Care

  We use Reproductive specialist
Dr Etta Bradecamp, DVM, Dipl. ACT, Dipl. ABVP
of Rood & Riddle.

Our mares are kept in small groups according to their foaling dates so they learn to socialize with each other long before foaling to avoid stressful separation or fighting close to foaling time.

All our large fields have large run in sheds for extra protection from the elements.

During winter months in extreme conditions, we provide turn out blankets when needed.

Training Barn


Our training barn is dedicated to insuring your yearlings and training horses get the attention they deserve.

We provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere with bright and well ventilated stalls.


We also have a six horse Eurosizer which is seventy feet diameter for safe lay-up reconditioning. You will save time and money when your horse is preparing to return to the track after surgery or time off.  It is also a excellent way to keep nervous horses that do not do well at the track fit. They can enjoy turnout time and stay fit at the same time.